Yesterday We Lost Our Dog Kane To Cancer

Over the past few months we could tell Kane was changing.  He hesitated when climbing the two steps into the house after doing his duty, and occasionally he would vomit for no apparent reason.  We thought it was just part of the aging process. He was nearly twelve.  But over the last week he became very lethargic and wasn’t eating.The vomiting became an everyday event and he was also losing control of his bladder indoors, something he had never done in all the years we’d had him.  I was preparing for the worst but yesterday he seemed better.  I took him to the vet anyway.  In the examining room I could tell something was wrong due to the questions the vet was asking, and then he asked if he could take some X-rays because he felt something in his abdomen that wasn’t right.  That’s when I knew he wouldn’t be going home.  They did the X-rays and a few minutes later called me into the exam room.  In the X-ray he showed me a large mass in his abdomen and it was pushing his intestines forward into his chest.  That’s why he wasn’t eating an what caused the vomiting.  After discussing the options with the Vet, we both agreed that it was best to put him down on the spot.  I called my family to let them know, spent a few minutes alone with him and left him with the vet.  I couldn’t watch.  I watched when they put my last dog down and it was horrible.  I was much closer to Kane than that dog so there was no way I could see him freeze up and die.  He was my best buddy.

Kane was an AKC Chocolate Lab and a great dog.  We traveled to upper Maine to get him when my oldest daughter was 6.  He had a very mild temperament and was obedient.  At just over 100lbs. he was like a big teddy bear.  He was very big, but he wasn’t fat.  I had no problem having him around my youngest daughter when she was an infant.  He loved being with his family and acted like a puppy his whole life.  Even in his old age he would sometimes spin around like a pup.  Kane was also a good guard dog.  Although he would never bite anyone, he had a BIG bark.  He always let us know when someone was coming.  He made us feel safe.  Kane also loved our new kitten Melody.  Melody liked chasing his tail and playing with him in general.  She also like to groom him.  Kane just took it all in and seemed to enjoy it.

We all miss Kane very much.  The house won’t be the same without him.

2 comments to Yesterday We Lost Our Dog Kane To Cancer

  • Araby Greene

    Kane’s photos show what a handsome, sweet companion he must have been, living the good life with you and your family. Our first dog was a yellow Lab, with his own kitty, who taught our neighbor’s puppy how to retrieve sticks and “bring in the firewood.” Your story reminded me of how lucky we were to have him and how tough it is when our beloved pets leave us.

  • Dom

    Thanks for the comment Araby. Yes, Kane was a great companion and the house seems empty without him. It would be worse if we didn’t have the kitten. Funny how she came to us just before he left this world… The Vet sent us a cast of his paw print. We’re going to mount it with some pictures but I can’t do it right now. I need some time to pass before hanging pictures.

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