Los Lonely Boys: Rockpango

Los Lonely Boys is a band from Texas made up of three brothers of Mexican descent, Henry (Guitar, Vocals), Ringo (Drums of course!) and JoJo (Bass, Vocals).   They play a Blues Rock style of music with a Mexican twist and refer to the music as “Texican”. Even their rock oriented tracks have a hint of Latin progressions and they add in Spanish vocals here and there. Henry is a powerful guitarist and his tone is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan. I have seen the band live and they are very tight. Undoubtedly this is because they have been playing together since childhood.

Their latest album includes much of the usual style as they don’t vary a lot in that area, but they’ve added a hip-hop sound as well as a bit of a funky keyboard on a couple of tracks. As of this writing my favorite tracks are American Idle with a powerful rock guitar sound, Baby Girl with that funky keyboard and head bopping rhythm and Change The world with classic clean Strat tones and a nice message. This album is being hailed as their best yet. For me time will tell whether it has lasting power but at this point I can see how that sentiment just might be true.

From Amazon: “Hailed by All Music Guide as ‘one of America’s premier rock bands,’ Los Lonely Boys expand and enhance their trademark all-embracing Texican rock’n’roll sound on Rockpango, the band’s fourth and finest studio album yet. Continuing to creatively draw from and meld blues, rock from classic to modern, soul, their Latino heritage and even snippets of hip-hop, jazz and more, they display greater assurance, creativity and sophistication than ever on their new disc while continuing to offer infectious music that goes straight to the heart. The stuff that made Los Lonely Boys stars- luscious brotherly vocal harmonies, potent songs with unshakeable pop appeal, irresistible grooves and Henry Garza’s masterful guitar work’s are in full abundance on Rockpango. It’s a great leap forward by one of rock music’s finest groups.
The deluxe version includes the original 11 songs with two extra tracks, Judgement Day and Smile.2, an extended audio ‘in the studio’ outtake with the Boys, plus 4 video clips and a fold-out poster of the cover art.”

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