About Tune In To Cancer


My name is Dominic Scolaro and I am a cancer survivor.

This site is dedicated to cancer patients who are enduring the ordeal of cancer diagnosis, treatment and post treatment.  I was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer in November of 2006 at the age of 45 and have been battling with the side effects of the disease and subsequent treatment ever since.  During my battle I’ve tried to manage both physical and emotional pain in various ways, but the one thing that has brought me the most peace is music. Continue Reading

Transcribing My Story To Music

People have told me that they like my writing style and I should consider writing a book. I don’t think I have enough content for a book and don’t know anything about writing a book. I used to play the guitar and know some music theory so I am going to try to tell my story through music. Continue Reading

Not Going For 501(c)(3) Status

Feedback from the Faulkner hospital was that most people who want to listen to music already has some sort of device, whether it’s an MP3 player, tablet or phone. Based on this feedback I will no longer be actively seeking donations for MP3 players and I will not be going for 501(c)(3) status. This doesn’t mean that absolutely everyone has a device. I know that some seniors are still intimidated by the technology and need a little help getting started. If you know of someone who is going into chemo and doesn’t have a device to play music or listen to audiobooks then please try to help them if you can. If you need any help with music or players don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please check with your local chemo facility to see if there is anything they need to make the patients more comfortable. Sometimes the patients just want to talk about their fight because they’re scared so all you have to donate is some of your time.

Dominic Scolaro


Thanks to C.L.

Thank to C.L. from Sharon, MA for the Coby MP3 player! The player will be donated directly to a cancer patient rather than sharing. Best wishes to you and your family!

Thanks to N.J.

Thank you so much for the two iPods and the DOZENS of usb cables and earbuds!

Update: I have delivered an MP3 player kit to the Faulkner Hospital in Boston and many of the earbuds you donated were part of that kit. Thanks again!




Faulkner Hospital MP3 Trial

In 2007 I spent six months getting my infusions at the Faulkner hospital in Jamaica Plain MA. Together with the the Dana Farber Cancer Institute they had just remodeled a section on the 5th floor so it was all new and they had semi private rooms. I was comfortable there given the situation. Continue Reading

Los Lonely Boys: Rockpango

Los Lonely Boys is a band from Texas made up of three brothers of Mexican descent, Henry (Guitar, Vocals), Ringo (Drums of course!) and JoJo (Bass, Vocals).   Continue Reading

Thanks to Peter

Thanks to the Peter for the 8GB Sandisk mp3 player and jbud earbuds! The earbuds will be given to a cancer patient and the player will be shared amongst patients at a chemo facility.

Thanks to E.W.

Thanks to E.W. for the collapsible headphones! Some people don’t like the small in-ear earbuds so these are perfect!

Thanks to L.B.

Thanks to L.B. for donating an MP3 player! The player will be donated directly to a chemo patient.

Good Samaritan Medical Center - Foxboro Chemotherapy Center

For the past few weeks I’ve had several Sandisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 players at the Good Samaritan Chemo Center in Foxboro MA in support of my mission to bring music to cancer patients. I introduced myself to the Director of Oncology at the Good Samaritan to explain my mission, and he was very receptive and supportive from the start. He then introduced me to the infusion nurses since they would have to support the program, and they were also receptive to the idea. Thanks Eric! Continue Reading

Thanks to G.S.

Thanks to G.S. from Easton, MA for donating earbuds! The earbuds will be donated directly to a cancer patient.

Thanks to L.S

Thanks to L.S. from Easton, MA for donating earbuds! The earbuds will be donated directly to a cancer patient.

The Old Colony Hospice In Randolph MA

Back when my father was dying of cancer in 1999, I cared for him in my home during the last few weeks of his life.  Aside from getting myself through cancer treatment later in 2007, at the time this was the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life. Continue Reading

Thanks to R.B

Thanks to R.B. from W. Bridgewater, MA for donating earbuds! The earbuds will be donated directly to a cancer patient.