Transcribing My Story To Music

People have told me that they like my writing style and I should consider writing a book. I don’t think I have enough content for a book and don’t know anything about writing a book. I used to play the guitar and know some music theory so I am going to try to tell my […]

Faulkner Hospital MP3 Trial

In 2007 I spent six months getting my infusions at the Faulkner hospital in Jamaica Plain MA. Together with the the Dana Farber Cancer Institute they had just remodeled a section on the 5th floor so it was all new and they had semi private rooms. I was comfortable there given the situation.


Los Lonely Boys: Rockpango

Los Lonely Boys is a band from Texas made up of three brothers of Mexican descent, Henry (Guitar, Vocals), Ringo (Drums of course!) and JoJo (Bass, Vocals).


Sandisk slotRadio™ Trial

A while back Sandisk came out with a new way of marketing music. They put 1000 songs in predefined playlists on a micro-sdhc card, developed an interface to play the songs back on enabled devices, and called it slotRadio™ .


Wanted: Dead iPods

If you have dead iPods that will cost more to repair than they are worth please consider donating them to us. If we can cobble together a few working iPods out of your scrap, those Frankenpods would be fine for sending to cancer treatment facilities.

Thank you.

Seven Mary Three: Day & Nightdriving

When I decided I was going to offer music recommendations on this site, it didn’t take much thought as to which album I would highlight first.