Faulkner Hospital MP3 Trial

In 2007 I spent six months getting my infusions at the Faulkner hospital in Jamaica Plain MA. Together with the the Dana Farber Cancer Institute they had just remodeled a section on the 5th floor so it was all new and they had semi private rooms. I was comfortable there given the situation.

During my last visit there to get the results of my 14th CT scan (Yes I glow in the dark now!),  I asked them if they were interested in having a few mp3 players on hand to provide to patients who don’t have one of there own.  I met with the Director of Nursing and Clinical Services and she agreed to try the program.  Apparently the main Dana Farber building in Boston provides patients with iPads and such but the Faulkner doesn’t have that benefit so hopefully this helps. I provided three Sandisk players and a bunch of earbuds. I figured that while people are sitting in there chemo chairs and not feeling so hot I wouldn’t fill the players with loud pop and rock music, so I loaded them up with Country, Classical, Gospel,  Chant, New Age and Relaxation music. I also loaded the New Testament audio book onto all of them. I asked them to take requests and I will update accordingly. I hope the patients there find a little peace while listening to my music.


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