Not Going For 501(c)(3) Status

Feedback from the Faulkner hospital was that most people who want to listen to music already has some sort of device, whether it’s an MP3 player, tablet or phone. Based on this feedback I will no longer be actively seeking donations for MP3 players and I will not be going for 501(c)(3) status. This doesn’t […]

About Tune In To Cancer

My name is Dominic Scolaro and I am a cancer survivor.

This site is dedicated to cancer patients who are enduring the ordeal of cancer diagnosis, treatment and post treatment. I was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer in November of 2006 at the age of 45 and have been battling with the side […]

Faulkner Hospital MP3 Trial

In 2007 I spent six months getting my infusions at the Faulkner hospital in Jamaica Plain MA. Together with the the Dana Farber Cancer Institute they had just remodeled a section on the 5th floor so it was all new and they had semi private rooms. I was comfortable there given the situation.


Good Samaritan Medical Center - Foxboro Chemotherapy Center

For the past few weeks I’ve had several Sandisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 players at the Good Samaritan Chemo Center in Foxboro MA in support of my mission to bring music to cancer patients. I introduced myself to the Director of Oncology at the Good Samaritan to explain my mission, and he was very receptive […]

The Old Colony Hospice In Randolph MA

Back when my father was dying of cancer in 1999, I cared for him in my home during the last few weeks of his life. Aside from getting myself through cancer treatment later in 2007, at the time this was the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life.


Sandisk slotRadio™ Trial

A while back Sandisk came out with a new way of marketing music. They put 1000 songs in predefined playlists on a micro-sdhc card, developed an interface to play the songs back on enabled devices, and called it slotRadio™ .


Wanted: Dead iPods

If you have dead iPods that will cost more to repair than they are worth please consider donating them to us. If we can cobble together a few working iPods out of your scrap, those Frankenpods would be fine for sending to cancer treatment facilities.

Thank you.

Yesterday We Lost Our Dog Kane To Cancer

Over the past few months we could tell Kane was changing. He hesitated when climbing the two steps into the house after doing his duty, and occasionally he would vomit for no apparent reason. We thought it was just part of the aging process.