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My name is Dominic Scolaro and I am a cancer survivor.

This site is dedicated to cancer patients who are enduring the ordeal of cancer diagnosis, treatment and post treatment.  I was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer in November of 2006 at the age of 45 and have been battling with the side effects of the disease and subsequent treatment ever since.  During my battle I’ve tried to manage both physical and emotional pain in various ways, but the one thing that has brought me the most peace is music.

My typical day every Friday for six months consisted of driving one hour to treatment, waiting to check in to have my vitals taken, waiting to see the doctor, waiting to get “plugged in”, waiting for the chemicals to come up from the pharmacy, waiting hours for the chemicals to drip slowly into my body, waiting until I could go home after the infusion just in case there was a bad reaction, and then driving an hour back home.  Every two weeks I’d carry a machine on my hip and I’d have to wait 46 hours before I could have someone pull the needle out of my chest and be free of the machine.  When this was done, I’d wait for the next Friday and do it all over again, all along waiting and wondering if I was even going to live.

The point I’m making is that people going through cancer treatment spend literally hundreds of hours waiting and worrying.

During my treatment I did not have an iPod or any other MP3 player.  I’ve since purchased an iPod and have transferred my CD collection and iTunes music onto it.  I’ve been thinking about how wonderful it would have been to have this iPod and my music with me during all of those hours of waiting.

This has prompted me to think of a way that I can bring music to people who are going though the painful experience of being a cancer patient.  I’d like to provide cancer patients the gift of music.  I’d like to offer them the chance to look up old songs they haven’t heard in years or purchase new songs that they may have heard on the radio.  I’d like to offer them some sort of peace and normalcy to the torture that is chemotherapy, radiation and life after treatment.

Thank you very much and Tune In!


Dominic F. Scolaro
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